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Social Program at Ito Campus

Yoko Sakata (Kanazawa Univ.)

Sept. 26 11:50-12:50 Luncheon Seminar:
Title: Research Integrity Seminar

Organized by
Yoko Sakata (Kanazawa Univ.)

Website: Yoko Sakata

Michito Yoshizawa (Tokyo Institute Tech.)

Website: Michito Yoshizawa

Masayuki Nihei (Tsukuba Univ.)

Website: Masayuki Nihei

Social Program at Fukuoka International Congress Center

During the 72nd Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (JSCC), the following luncheon seminar will be organized
by the diversity committee. We warmly welcome all attendees to join the luncheon seminar.

What kind of graduate students are companies looking for? Possible career pathways and preparation you can take now

Date & Time: 11:50-13:00, Sep. 28th, 2022.
Location: Medium Conference Room, Fukuoka International Congress Center
Organized by JSCC Diversity Committee

The pandemic of COVID-19 has significantly changed the life of everyone in our society in the past 3 years.
Our learning and working styles have been alternated with the assistance of modern communication techniques,
such as SNS software, online classes, and remote working from home. Indeed, we have already stepped into an
era in which everyone can easily gain access to a gigantic amount of information, but the physical separation of
individuals may lead to the "filter bubble" situation, which can actually enlarge the gap between people in diferrent
environments and with different social connectivity. Therefore, the diversity committee of JSCC is targeting the
creation of equal learning and communication environments for members and students from different backgrounds.   

In recent years, elevated industry-academia collaboration has created chances for students to experience     
project-based learning (PBL) or to participate in collaborative research projects offered by industrial businesses
even in the early stages of university or graduate school. However, the chance of face-to-face communication with
industrial researchers has been limited by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the students are leaving alone without  
carefully considering their career pathway. We believe, it is important to stimulate the students to think "What  
kind of career do I want? What can I do now?" when they start their graduate school, or before beginning job-hunting.

As a result, we chose the topic "What kind of graduate students are the companies looking for?" for this panel discussion,
in order to give an impression of research activities and research positions in the industrial businesses to the audience.
We are looking forward to providing you a diversity point of view that differs from the information you can get from job-hunting,
as well as an opportunity to become acquainted with those colleagues who share the same career aspirations and uncertainties.  
Meanwhile, we also want to give an update of diverse type of jobs that gradually appeared in companies in the past 10 years to those  
graduate course instructors for better academic advice to the students. The enrollment rate change of graduate schools and possible
academic choices of students will also be discussed in this panel.                 

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced our chance of in-person communication, herein, we sincerely welcome all the members
and students to join this panel discussion, and will try our best to create more opportunities of learning and discussions in near future.

Panel List
・Yusuke Ozaki (DIC Corporation)
・Kosuke Namiki (Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co. Inc)
・Masako Hori (KIOXIA Corporation)
・Keita Mori (D3 Graduate Student, Univ. of Tokyo)

Please fill the Google Form via the following link until Sep. 9th, 2022. A free lunch box will be provided to the first 60 registered attendees.
Lunch boxes will be distributed to the audience before the luncheon seminar. COVID-19 measures will be taken in the conference room by social distance seating.

Pre-discussion Survey
We sincerely ask for your help to answer the survey from July 18th to Aug. 18th, 2022, even if you are not willing to attend the seminar.

Fee: Free of Charge
Contact: Akiko Hori (Shibaura Institute of Technology), ahori(a)shibaura-it.ac.jp (Please replace (a) with @)

The 72nd JSCC Symposium Organized in Fukuoka.