Banquet Music   Japanese


Saxophone Player
Takeyuki Kondo

Grew up in Kita Kyushju. Started to play saxophone since junior high school, and belonged to Jazz Playing Club at while he was a university student. Happened to be affected by the terrist attack while he stayed in New York in 2001, which gave a strong influence to his life to quit his company to start his life as a freelance soxophone player. He created multiple band groups as a leader for them, and actively delivering his music in Fukuoka area, for example at Nakasu Jazz fessitival, Mojiko Sunday Jazz, etc. Jazz and Pops are his major and trying to deliver enjoyable live concerts. He also serves as a supportor for artists, by making his contribution to the recording and event creation as a producer and also provide his lectures to the relevant people. Since 2011, he joined as a member of Kawamura band which support the music concert by Southern All Stars. He is gradually expanding his service providing areas in recent years. The more details may be found at his home page called "Homaremaru Official Blog"

Piano Player
Saaya Matsumoto

Born in 1991, and grew up in Miyakonojo-shi within Miyazaki. Started to play piano when she was 3. Influenced by the parents who love music a lot, and enjoyed a large variety of music for many years. When she was 18, she started to pay stronger attention to Jazz music. Upon graduation from high school, he moved to Fukuoka to initiate her real study about the Jazz music. Now, she is actively delivering her music in Fukuoka. She now holds the position as the main piano player for the big band called "Advanced Music Gallery". In 2015 and 2016, she joined the recording of "Dear Mr.SINATRA", and joined the tour of the band. in 2018, she was selected as one of the great pianists working for the Cruisetrain Natsuboshi Kyushu. You can find her details at her website

The 72nd JSCC Symposium Organized in Fukuoka.